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Our Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to pioneer relief efforts to adults affected by cancer.

Our organization will pioneer these relief efforts by offering free 

helpful mental, physical, and financial services and resources to 

improve the lives and overall well being of adults and their spouses 

coping with cancer diagnosis, treatment, and death.”

Priceless 4 Purpose - The Steve Bartlett Cancer Non Profit Organization is providing gifted services to adults affected by all types of cancer "North of the Tension Zone." Priceless 4 Purpose pioneers relief efforts by offering supportive mental, physical, and financial services and resources to improve the lives and well-being of adults diagnosed and coping with active cancer treatment and uncertainties. We are a Minnesota 501c3 Cancer Non Profit focused on adults under the emotional strain of cancer diagnosis and resulting treatments.

We have a personal understanding that cancer diagnosis and resulting treatments can add relentless stress and anxiety to adults and their loved ones lives. Our family and friends witnessed first-hand the emotions of terminal diagnosis, ensuing medical bills, and uncertainty. Priceless 4 Purpose has been created to add emotional, physical and financial relief opportunities to adults during an intense emotional time in their lives. Our focus is to improve their personal well-being by providing services that offer relief opportunities to adults.

WHO: Priceless 4 Purpose The Steve Bartlett Cancer Non Profit Organization 
is an IRS recognized 5013c Non Profit located in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. We are the family and friends of loved ones diagnosed with cancer in Minnesota. 

WHAT: Minnesota Cancer Non Profit Organization
Priceless 4 Purpose offers patients undergoing treatments in Minnesota Cancer Centers respite vacations at Mystic Views Bed and Breakfast. All services provided are free of charge to the that they are provided for. We use 100% of the annual dollars raised through grants, events and donations to provide a peaceful, calm, distraction. Free of sights and sounds of a hospital room or doctor's office.

WHERE: Our donated services are offered to residence of Minnesota.
Mystic Views is tucked in to the woods overlooking an environmental, private lake. This is where adults are treated to a large King Jacuzzi Suite with private deck and perfect view of the beautiful scenery, sights and sounds of Mother Nature. A full magnificent breakfast is served to the privacy of their suite each morning. 

Mystic Views Bed & Breakfast is located near Gull, Nisswa and Pequot Lakes which offer many activities including snowmobile trails, cross country ski trails, bike trails, State Forests, fishing, golfing, and unique downtown shopping, restaurants and much more.

WHEN: You are overwhelmed with the uncertainty of cancer diagnosis and resulting treatments.
When you would like to celebrate a milestone in treatment, anniversary, birthday or just some quality time away with a loved ones. Relaxation helps recoup mental and physical strength. Many adults affected by cancer do not have available resources to allow themselves to relax and enjoy things in this stage of their lives. We provide a way to help discover or rediscover the things that bring them enjoyment without financial strain.

WHY: We understand the overwhelming mental, physical and financial strain of cancers impact
Many Nonprofits raise funds for research. Thanks to those, cancer treatments have come a long way and frequently we hear of new studies, evolving treatments and better results.

HOW: Contact us.
The staff at Mystic Views is not medically trained. We do require a doctor's approval confirming the adult affected by cancer is able to travel. We offer these services to adults undergoing active cancer treatments at a facility located in Minnesota.
Priceless4Purpose MN Cancer Non Profit